Paddle Board Lessons In Brighton – Top 6 Places

Where to go for paddleboard lessons in Brighton?

You’re planning a trip to Brighton soon and you’re keen to try out paddleboarding. The good news is there are dozens of local companies offering it. However, you won’t want to waste your time and money on a bad experience. Here’s our guide for choosing the best company for paddle board lessons in Brighton.

Paddle board lessons in Brighton
Sunset paddle board lessons in Brighton

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    Where to book paddle board lessons in Brighton

    Great for small groups

    1:1 Tuition available

    River coaching also available

    BSUPA qualified instructors

    From £45pp

    Central Brighton location

    Sea views of Brighton’s landmarks

    Very popular in summer

    BSUPA qualified instructors

    From £45pp

    Amazing beginner location

    BSUPA qualified instructors

    Waist deep water

    Hove location ( easier to park )

    From £55pp

    A river paddling experience

    Perfect to escape busy Brighton

    Short drive / train from Brighton

    BSUPA qualified instructors

    From £25pp

    Lake paddling available

    Small groups

    Flexible locations across Sussex

    ASI qualified instructors

    From £25pp

    Worthing paddle boarding

    1:1 Tuition available

    4.9 / 5 Google Reviews

    BSUPA qualified instructors

    From £45pp

    Private lessons:

    For private lessons feel free to contact me on Instagram ( @brighton_paddler ) to see if I have any availability.

    Why take paddle board lessons in Brighton?

    It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a sport, but stand-up paddleboarding is a great way to stay fit and healthy. The benefits of paddleboarding are many, and it’s one of the best sports for keeping in shape. But before you head out onto the water alone, it’s important to know what you’re doing.

    Here are some reasons why we recommend taking paddle board lessons in Brighton before hitting the water:

    It’s safer

    Whether you’re new to paddleboarding or have years of experience, accidents can happen at any time. Taking a lesson ensures that you know how to stay safe on the water. You’ll learn about the right gear for different weather conditions, how to read the water, and what to do if you fall in.

    You’ll pick up better technique

    Paddleboarding is easy – it’s just like walking on water! However, there’s a huge difference between paddling around slowly and actually going somewhere fast. If you want to get anywhere in less than an hour, it pays to learn what you’re doing from an expert.

    You’ll get fit faster

    Paddleboarding is great for getting into shape – but only if you do it properly. If you’re using bad technique or have poor posture then you may actually end up with an injury. To avoid the risk of injury a paddle board lesson will help show you the proper technique.

    See the sites from the water!

    You can take paddle board lessons in a lot of places across the UK but Brighton has something special about it. On a busy summers day getting on the water and escaping the crowds is a great feeling, you’ll also get a different perspective of Brighton’s amazing city scape.

    What about if I just want to hire paddle boards in Brighton

    If you’ve already had lessons and feel confident enough to go out on the water yourself please take a look at out page covering where to hire paddle boards in Brighton.

    What’s the difference between BSUPA and ASI?

    They are different instructor courses, you can find out more about BSUPA here or ASI here. Both offer good quality instructors, so if a school / instructor is accredited you know you’re going to get a good lesson.